Sharing Care is founded in 2009 by a group of young immigrant Indian people in Ireland with a philanthropic bent of mind, who wish to share and work together to create lasting change in the lives of poor. Sharing Care is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working for the poor and their communities worldwide to enhance their quality of life by tackling the causes of poverty. Sharing Care works to support people who are deprived of health care and education due to the lack of money. The organization supports people regardless of their religion, caste, race, disability status, ethnicity and gender.

Our Vision

A world where all have access to good quality education and health system; a world where all are enjoying decent standard of living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people living in extreme poverty to achieve major improvements in their own lives.

Our Objectives

  • The relief of financial hardship among students to achieve better education by providing study materials, grants etc.
  • The relief of sick poor through the provision of grants, medical aids or access better health facilities.

Contact Us

  • Email: sharingcare@live.ie
Reg. Charity No: 20107895
13 Highfield Crescent ¦ Ballincollig ¦ Cork ¦ IRELAND ¦ www.sharingcare.org¦facebook



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